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Friday 24 January 2020
Gavoshan Water Transfer Tunnel is implemented 38 km south of Sanandaj city and adjacent to Gavoshan reservoir dam on Gavehrood river by Tosse Manabe Ab & Energy Company.

Gavoshan Water Transfer Tunnel

The project involves the construction of a long-term transmission tunnel for the Gavoshan dam downstream and four related access tunnels.

The most prominent feature of this project is the tallest tunnel being built by the country in its time and the first experiences of using the Tunnel Digger (TBM) in the country.

Project information:

Tunnel Length: 20.2 Km

Number and length of access tunnels: 4 lines 3713 meters long

Diamond of drilling of the tunnel: 5.5 meters

Tunnel diameter: 4/3 and 4/8 meters

Total drilling volume: 504000 m 3

Concrete total volume: 130,000 cubic meters

Publish Date: 10 June 2018 - 10:13
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