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Friday 24 January 2020
Zagros Water Transmission Tunnel with a length of 48 km is constructed to transmit water from Sirvan River in Kurdistan province to Southwestern plains.
Zagros Water Transmission Tunnel

This projects consists of Leileh southern sec. with a length of 4.5 km and Sec. 1/B with a length of 9 km (under design and build contract) and the regulating dam. This tunnel can transfer 70 m3/s water discharge.
The tunnel is planned to be operated in March 2019.

Project Information:

Total length of tunnels: 13.5 km
Finished dia. of tunnels: 5.42 m
Construction Method: NATM and Mechanized (with TBM)
Concrete Casting: 134.000 m3
Excavation: 2.680.000 m3
Earth fill:         850.000 m3

Publish Date: 10 June 2018 - 11:44
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