Monday 24 June 2024
Message from the CEO

In the name of God

Thank God, after four decades of activity of Tosse Manabe Ab & Energy Company, we have been working hard and continuously, to have a large and effective share in the implementation and construction of a large number of important and infrastructure projects in our beloved Iran. Being aware of the creativity and capabilities of Iranian engineers and experts, and maximizing the use of domestic resources, along with the use of modern technology and knowledge of the day, our contribution to the construction of the Islamic homeland has been appreciated. Our commitment to fundamental values ​​such as quality , safety and the environment, which underlies all our activities in these years, have led to growth of the company the successful implementation of many construction projects both inside and outside the country.

By relying on a teamwork with compassion, cordiality, motivation, love and integrity, we have been able to attract the trust of our employers, consultants and partners and attract the conscious attention of our management and company staff on sustainable development and organizational excellence, in order to remain robust, well-motivated, assured and well-informed on the path to fulfilling the company's commitments, with desirable quality and reasonable costs at the right time.

Undoubtedly, achieving such valuable achievements is due to the coherent work and efforts of those that during these years, with their knowledge, experience and commitment, in an atmosphere full of various challenges, have taken steps to excel, advance and fulfillment of the strategic goals of the company .By relying on the great Lord, as before, we continue our efforts to serve our beloved country and our
compatriots. And we believe that contributing to the country's growing and resilient economy and the implementation of complex infrastructure projects without sympathy and sincere cooperation between us is not possible.

Therefore, we believe that by focusing on the above-mentioned principles, we will continue to be among the leading companies in the construction industry and large construction projects, and we will be prepared to adhere to the principles and standards of scientific and engineering and beyond that,with the help of the best consultant engineers and contractors, it provides the opportunity to provide any consulting, design, implementation, monitoring, investment, or partnership services to meet the expectations and needs of respectable employers.
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