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Tuesday 14 July 2020
The project is located in 47 km of Shahr-e-ekord city, 3 km west of Baba Heidar city, 4 km north-east of Omidabad village, in Chahar-mahal & Bakhtiary province.
Ghadir (Babaheydar)reservoir dam

The Purpose of the project is supply of potable and industrial water and also irrigation water for 1450 hectares of downstream irrigation lands, and also reserving and regulating of Sarab River.

Project Information:

Dam type: Rockfill with clay core
Dam Crest length: 624 m
Crest Width: 12 m
Dam Height from Bedrock: 68 m
Diversion System: A tunnel, 310 m long with dia. of 4 m
Spillway:         Free Ogee
Reservoir Volume: 13 million m3
Excavation: 850.000 m3
Rock-fill:           2 million m3
Concrete Casting: 35.000 m3

Publish Date: 10 June 2018 - 11:31
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