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Thursday 08 December 2022
This project, as the highest dam in Iran, is constructed on Karun River upstream of intersection of Karun and Monj Rivers. It is located in 180 km south-west of Shahr-e-Kord city, in Chahar-mahal & Bakhtiary province.
Karun-4 Reservoir concrete dam

The Purpose of this dam is production of hydro-electric energy, and flood control of upstream flows.

This project was awarded one of the best concrete projects of Iran in 2010, in the eighth concrete day symposium of Iran. 
The project was impounded in April 2010 and officially operated in June 2010.



Project Information:


Dam Type:         Concrete double arch
Dam height from bedrock:    230 m
Crest width:         7 m
Foundation width:         34.5 m
Crest Length:         440 m
Diversion System:        two tunnels with total length of 1364, and dia. of 9.5 m, and a cofferdam made of rockfill and a cement-soil surface with height of 45m.
Spillway:         Free gated ogee (5 span 10x12) on the dam body and side spillway 
Spillway Capacity:         9600 m3/s
Hydro-electric capacity: 1000 Megawatts
Annual production: 2107 Gigawatts
Reservoir Capacity: 2.3 billion m3
Excavation:         1.85 million m3
Earth-fill:         850.000 m3
Concrete casting:         1.8 million m3

Publish Date: 10 June 2018 - 11:54
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